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The Woodcrafter Page - Copyright ? 2004 - Keith Davies. All rights reserved.
The Woodcrafter Page - Copyright ? 2004 - Keith Davies. All rights reserved.

************ WARNING ************

This web page, its owners, writers and publishers assume no liability for the safety of any item on this page. It is the responsibility of the person making the item to verify its safety and assume the liability of hazards from inferior or unsafe materials, construction, or durability in the product and/or the materials chosen for the construction.
The toys are nostalgic items and are NOT intended for use by children but are intended to be display items only. Any item on this WEB page may not be safe for young children, especially those under the age of three (3).
Any time you make a wooden toy for a child, major consideration should go into choosing the wood, paints and finishes you use, how well you round, bevel and sand the edges and how well small parts are secured to the item. For more information, visit any of the sites below; especially the
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission page, the CPSC Child Safety Publications page and your local state child safety page/office.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (free)
Child Safety Publications (free)
100 Keys to Woodshop SafetyBook
Workshop Safety DVD