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The Woodcrafter Page - Copyright ? 2004 - Keith Davies. All rights reserved.
The Woodcrafter Page - Copyright ? 2004 - Keith Davies. All rights reserved.

Have you been searching for FREE woodcrafting plans?
I found it extremely difficult to find truly free woodcrafting plans on the internet.
An extensive search yielded a lot of sites with plans but most of these sites
want to charge you for simple plans to build various woodworking projects.
Therefore, on February 25, 2001, I decided to start a site where you can get
FREE plans. No tricks. No lies. No hidden fees. FREE ! ! ! !
I have accumulated numerous drawings, plans, sketches and plans over the last
thirty-plus years and will share them with you on this FREE site.
I have been a wood craftsman for over 25 years and enjoy the art.
You will find a range of difficulty as well as detail in the projects I will be posting.
Also, I now accept posting from visitors.

Just this week (March 23, 2001) I got permission to post the projects out of some very, very old booklets I have.
They are in my brand new
Retro Section .
If you like the look of the late 30's, the 40's, 50's, and early 60's, you'll love this section.
Do you like old style toys? Then here's the place for them.
I select the plans I feel will be of the highest interest to the most people and post them first. Eventually, I hope to get ALL my plans posted but that day may be a long time coming, if at all (keep in mind I have a lot of plans).
If you do not find what you're looking for in my free plans then try my
links page .
The Woodcrafter in his Moorestown, NJ Shop
Click here for the FREE plans.

Be sure to keep checking back as I will be continually expanding the collection of projects.