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Moorestown Hardware
Here's my local hardware store.  Check it out.
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The Woodcrafter Page - Copyright ? 2004 - Keith Davies. All rights reserved.
The Woodcrafter Page - Copyright ? 2004 - Keith Davies. All rights reserved.
A lot of visitors write to me asking where they can find some of the unusual harware, finshes, parts, and what-nots used on some of the old projects listed here on The Woodcrafter Page. I always tell them to try their local small town hardware store. If you live in a very large city then find a small town hardware store like the one we have right here in Moorestown, NJ.


I find most of my specialty items in our local hardware store :
Moorestown Hardware
"We're More Than Just Hardware"
Located at 300 Mill Street in Moorestown, NJ
Please let Pete and his gang know you saw them here on The Woodcrafter Page .
This store will make you feel like you just came back home to where you belong.


Moorestown Hardware, L.L.C.
The charm of the
Moorestown Hardware
store starts as you
cross the railroad tracks
teading North on
Mill Street.
The American
flag waves
proudly as you
enter the front
of the store.


Notice the original wood floors.
You feel like you
are back in times
when a hardware
store was a fun
plac to

The Junior Woodcrafter loves Saturdays here.
Enjoy free popcorn
every Saturday
I Love Lucy,
The Three Stooges,
or another great oldie
is always showing
on the TV set and on the
store-wide audio system.
Everything Weber!
If you are
looking for a new.
grill or simply
need parts or
accesories for any
Weber grill, this
is THE place
to look.

Weber section at the front of the store.

Gardening section.
You can get lost
in here. There are
so many aisles
with pretty much
anything you might
want but there is
plenty of space to
move around.
If you can not
find what you are
looking for, ask
anyone at the
All the staff
are always eager
to help you
find it and offer

The owner, Pete Bender, (Left) & Gene Delucca.

Be sure to stop by soon and remember
to tell them you saw them on


Check out their website here .
Of course, you can always call if you are not local.